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The Turtle Graphics tutorial is a learning and programming environment which provides an easy and motivating start into object-oriented programming. To avoid frustrations with a professional IDE, we developed a Web-based-Editor/Compiler, so you can edit and compile programs without any local installations in a Web browser. The program runs locally using WebStart, so only the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is needed.

The tutorial uses a Java API of Turtle Graphics that is close to the original Logo implementation. The turtle moves inside a graphical window (playground) and shows its trace allowing the programmer to follow its movement. To give you an idea, just click on one of the links below.


The Java class library was designed some years ago in the computer lab of the University of Bern by Dr. Aegidius Plüss and was first implemented by. Regula Hofer. It has been continuously supported and expanded until these days. It may be downloaded from the author's website www.aplu.ch

The library has also been ported to Android and Python and is used world-wide for introductory courses in computer science and programming in many educational institutions. For more information consult:

Turtle Graphics for Smartphones: Android-Turtlegraphics

Turtle Graphics for Python: Python Turtlegraphics