Turtle Graphics with Java

Bern University of Teacher Education  
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Programming is learnt most efficiently by trying yourself. These exercises supplement the tutorial and can be expanded with own problems.  


  Series 1 : Writing sequential programs
drawing figures with the help of the methods forward(), right() and left().
  Series 2 : Loops
using while- and for-structure to draw; understanding the principals of iteration
  Series 3 : Nesting loops
Using multiple loops to program multiple repetitions


Series 4 : Writing methods
Splitting problems into parts
  Series 5 : Variables.
Using variables; telling the difference between local and instance variables
  Series 6 : if-else-structure
Program branching because of specific conditions; random numbers
  Series 7 : Using multiple Turtles

  Series 8 : Inheritance

  Series 9 : Events

  Series 10 : Recursions

  Series 11: Turtle applets