GameGrid: Game programming with Java

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Game programming with Java

Programming computer games yourself!
A motivating approach to object-oriented programming with Java.

We use

  • a didactically designed class library JGameGrid
  • an Online-Editor and an Online-Compiler which reduce the local installation to a minimum

The tutorial includes many complete and runnable example programms which can be edited with the Online-Editor. Each actor and background picture can be replaced by a picture of your own.

Further GameGrid tutorials and examples can be found at



The Online-Editor allows the user to compile each program on our webserver. This enables even a rookie to start programming immediately without having to install Java SDK and any Java development environment on the local machine.

JGameGrid (developed by Prof. A. Pluess) is a class library specially designed for programming courses with a focus on object oriented programming. The latest version for free download can be found at